Thermal Pro® Stone | Regular 2.0

Thermal Pro® Stone | Regular 2.0

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When your gear checks more than one box, you know you've met your match.  Meet The MultiHood, by Forage + Roam.  A hand crafted, solution driven accessory to complement and enhance your time outdoors.  Wear it in any combination of a hood, neck or face gaiter,  or balaclava.

Is this my warmest technical hood?  It definitely has earned itself a place at the top of the roster.  This THERMAL SHERPA is thick, but pillowy and breathable with endless fiber clusters to trap and lock body heat for mind blowing thermoregulation.  Extremely durable, recycled polyester fibers throw down a base that even the toughest of adventures can't phase.

The Regular 2.0 is a rebuild of my top selling Regular Fit.  Comparable to the hood on a sweatshirt in size, now slightly roomier with a wider neck seam and shallower hood to accomodate a wider range of head sizes.  The Regular 2.0 is compatible with all lower profile helmets, hardhats, and younger Youth snowsport helmets.

Check out the fit guide for tips on how to dial in the perfect fit.

Woven label and 100% synthetic drawcord thoughtfully sourced from other US based small businesses and artisans.  Machine washable.  Visit care instructions here.

Color Notes: Light concrete gray.
Handmade one by one in our Minnesota based studios.

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Roasty, toasty!

Tried this out in moderate wind, steep windchill and was nice and warm! I was pretty active (skijoring- the cat rides in a backpack, the dog and I do all the work!), but didn't overheat, so it was exactly the right amount of coverage for that activity. May have wanted one of the more robust tech hoods if I was ice fishing or walking without much exertion in these conditions, but was very impressed with it's performance under these circumstances!


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