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Frequently asked questions

If anything is left unanswered, please send an e-mail to forageandroam@gmail.com and we will add it to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I offer worldwide shipping with USPS Prioirty and Express options at checkout.

All Forage + Roam hoods are handmade one by one in Minnesota, USA.

All components of our process are sourced as consciously as possible to meet our goals and support other makers and small businesses during the process.

No. Keep an eye out in the future for small batch custom business and outfitter opportunities.

No. When I am to the point of being able to keep my website well stocked, I will begin piloting a small wholesale program with hand selected gear shops, resorts and outfitters. Stay Tuned!

No. I run my company out of my home, have small kids and prefer to keep my family's privacy.

I offer economy, Priority and Express Shipping options at checkout.

No. Due to the nature of the product, being worn over your face, and considering health and safety standards, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

This is out of the need for my customers to feel confident that their purchase has not been worn by others and is sanitary upon arrival.

If you are unsure of which size to purchase, please reference the Fit Guide.

If you still need assistance, please send an e-mail to forageandroam@gmail.com explaining your intended use, fit and fabric preferences. I will be happy to make some recommendations.

Unless a special circumstance is noted on my homepage, all orders usually ship within the next business day. In the Winter months, please allow for weather delays.

In the case of high volume drops, please allow 3-5 business days for all in-stock items/orders to ship.

No. Forage + Roam is sold exclusively online. I will occasionally do a vendor fair in the state of Minnesota. Follow on social media to stay in the loop for in person shopping opportunities.

I have in the past. They have been discontinued for the 23/24 season. You can still find some Youth fit available. The Youth fit is intended for young toddlers to mid elementary aged kids with no need to go over a helmet. It will fit over beanies.

For older youth hoods, choose my original (now discontinued, but still some left) fit or Regular 2.0. These will both fit over winter snowsport helmets up to an average sized 8year old with most helmets.

For larger, full face helmets, choose the Helmet Friendly all around.