Northland Soy Wax Candles

Northland Soy Wax Candles

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My 2023 custom blended Holiday candle is loaded with fresh evergreens, a touch of sweet and a hint of smoke.  Smells like solitude.  An instant reset to closing your eyes and picturing yourself Up North.  A gorgeous addition to a simplistic aesthetic with it's brushed copper tin.

Hand poured in Annandale, Minnesota by Tin Roof Candle Co. with 100% soy wax.

5oz.  Double wicked.

Customer Reviews

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Mandy Broda
You won't be disappointed!

It's a little scary to buy a candle without being able to smell it first but this perfectly lived up to the description! Beautiful blend of evergreen, sweet and and just a little smokiness but not overbearing! So excited to gift these to my outdoorsy loving friends.

Ashley Parker
Smells Sooo Good!

The candle smells so good!


I'm Bri.

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I'm a maker by default and a designer by my own will and come from a family of hard working creatives, innovators and makers.

Forage + Roam is an evolution and finding of place since leaving the mountains behind; context of a process we have all faced in some form or another.

I'm here to encourage you to make the time to get out, slow down, and meet up with that version of you that no one could keep up with.


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