Crimson Floral | Helmet Friendly

Crimson Floral | Helmet Friendly

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When your gear checks more than one box, you know you've met your match.  Meet The MultiHood, by Forage + Roam.  A hand crafted, solution driven accessory to complement and enhance your time outdoors.  Wear it in any combination of a hood, neck or face gaiter,  or balaclava.

The Helmet Friendly fit is large and relaxed, ideal for those with larger heads, lots of hair, big beards, or a need to go OVER larger style helmets.  Check out the fit guide for tips on how to dial in the perfect fit.

Woven label and 100% cotton drawcord thoughtfully sourced from other US based small businesses and artisans.  Machine washable.  Visit care instructions here.

Handmade one by one in our Minnesota based studios.

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Cristina Benitez
Quality and material great, sizing is huge

I really love your product, but found that the ones I bought for my kids fit me better, but those pattern aren’t available. Wish there were more option.

Hi Cristina!

With the helmet friendly fit, it is absolutely larger. It's supposed to be. Try dialing in the fit by aligning the drawcord hem at your hairline, snugging up the toggles to your preference, and pulling the excess material to the base of your neck in the back. This allows for plenty of room underneath for beanies, even with poms or slouchy fits, and an unrestricted freedom of movement. Most confused by the size have found this helpful in making sense of all that excess material when its worn casually vs. with a helmet. Hope that helps!


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